Buying BC Chicken

BC’s chicken farms are owned by BC families.  When you buy fresh Chicken in the grocery store you are supporting local BC chicken farmers.  The Raised by a Canadian Chicken Farmer label is extra verification you are buying chicken that was raised and processed in Canada.

Registered Growsers Where to buy

Registered Growers

BC’s 325 registered chicken growers are proud to raise high quality, nutritious chicken for your family.  All registered BC chicken growers:
  • Raise chicken that is free run, grain-fed and raised without hormones or steroids
  • Are licensed by the BC Chicken Marketing Board ensuring they following Canadian industry standards in:
    • On-farm food safety
    • Animal care
    • Biosecurity programs

The BC Chicken Marketing Board registers chicken produces, ensuring that:

  • Farmers are following the standards
  • Production adequately meets demand
  • That the farmers get a fair price

Chicken from registered BC farms is processed at local facilities and sold at retail stores and restaurants in BC.

Where to buy

Ask and/or look for these names to ensure you are getting locally raised chicken:
  • Colonial Farms
  • Farmcrest Foods
  • FarmFed
  • Fraser Valley Specialty Poultry/Yarrow Meadows
  • Hallmark Farms
  • Island Farmhouse Poultry
  • Rossdown Natural Foods Ltd./King
  • Sofina Foods/Lilydale
  • Sunrise Poultry Processors
  • Superior Poultry Processors
  • Wing Tat Game Bird Packers Inc.
  • United Poultry Co. Ltd.