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Hey kids, have you ever wondered where your food comes from? Sure, it comes from the grocery store, but where is it grown and how does it get there?

kids-educationCheck out “Poultry in Motion™”. It’s a big trailer that looks like a chicken farm and it can come to your school. Read “The Chicks are Coming” and color in the pictures to find out where your chicken comes from. If you like to cook, check out the recipes in this section. Don’t forget to take a peek at the games in the Fun Farm.


Download the Chicken Story and coloring book (pdf, 6.1mb)


  1. Choose a crayon from the crayon box. There are 6 colours for you to choose from
  2. Roll over and click on the area that you want to colour



Check out Safari Man Dan’s Chicken Adventure on YouTube and see the life of a Canadian Chicken from the Breeder Farm to the Broiler Farm!!
Watch the Video Now!!