Poultry In Motion™

Ever wonder what the inside of a BC chicken barn looks like?  Check out our Poultry In Motion™  mini-replica poultry barns at a fair or school near you!

The BC Chicken Growers’ Association has developed two fully equipped trailers that are replicas of real broiler chicken farms in BC.  Attendants are available to answer questions and provide information pamphlets, recipes, colouring books, and more. There are two trailers, Poultry In Motion™ Educational Mini Barn I (operated with the BC Broiler Hatching Egg Producers’ Association) and Poultry In Motion™ Educational Mini Barn II,  exhibiting different stages of chicken production in BC.

 The Poultry In Motion™ Educational Mini Barn I (Mainland and Island)


The Poultry In Motion™ Educational Mini Barn I has three sections:  broiler breeders, chicks, and market ready chickens. All three sections can be viewed from the outside through the full height glass.

To book the Poultry In Motion™ at your school or fair, please contact the regional coordinator.

Fraser Valley/Metro Vancouver
Sheryl Martens office@poultryinmotion.ca 604-854-4899
Vancouver Island
Bev Whitta vancouverisland@poultryinmotion.ca 250-468-9257

Teacher Survey

Feedback from teachers is helpful for us to evaluate the Poultry In Motion™ program.  After each Poultry In Motion™ visit, teachers are invited to participate in an on-line survey.  All teachers who complete the survey are entered in a draw at the end of the calendar year for 2 x $100 in cash prizes for their school.

Congratulations to the 2018 winners:

  • Green Timbers Elementary School, Surrey – Hykelung Lee
  • Ballenas Secondary School, Parksville – Monica Bradbury

Thank you to all the teachers who completed our survey!

The Poultry In Motion™ Educational Mini Barn II (Interior)

Poultry in Motion II (Interior)The Poultry In Motion™ Educational Mini Barn II services the Okanagan and Thompson River Valley areas.  This trailer has two sections showing chicks and market ready chickens.  Both sections can be viewed from the inside and outside of the trailer.  The inside walk through features photos from chicken farms in BC and our 9 minute educational video “Safari Man Dan’s Canadian Chicken Adventure.”
Contact:  Ray Baylis
Tel: 250-307-0491


Stages of BC Chicken Production

chickens-in-barnBroiler Breeder

The broiler breeders are the parents (roosters and hens).  The hens lay fertilized eggs, which are delivered to a specialized hatchery facility.  This stage is featured in the Poultry in Motion Educational Mini Barn I.





After the eggs are hatched, the chicks are delivered to BC chicken farms.  Chicks are placed in warm, clean barns with fresh bedding.  Farmers will put extra feed on trays on the floor to help them learn to eat and make sure they eat right away. The farmer will also adjust the water lines so that it is comfortable for the chicks to drink.  The farmer will monitor the chicks closely to make sure the chicks are healthy and comfortable.

chickens-in-barn-2Market-Ready Chickens (Broiler)

The next section shows broilers chickens, which are almost ready to go to market.  Farmers raise the water lines and feed pans as the chickens grow.  They also adjust the temperature according to the age of the flock, gradually cooling the barn as the chicks grow into broilers.

For more information on chickens are raised, check out Raising Chicken in BC .