2021 Flood – Information For Growers

Industry resources, communication and other updates relating to 2021 Flood.

***NEW*** BC Flood Emergency Supports
BC Emergency Supports (mnp.ca)

Local Government Resources

The following websites have current information on road closures, roads re-opened, emergency support and more

City of Abbotsford

Evacuation Order and Alerts
For Growers in the Evacuation Zone:  Email  Temporary Access Permit EOC Applications to: Permitting.bc@gmail.com

City of Chilliwack

 Flood Watch Warning and Closures

Provincial Government Resources

Provincial Emergency Program – How the government of BC responds to, and recovers from, emergencies – click here.
Emergency Management for Agriculture – BC’s Livestock Relocation Policy – here
Drive BC – Information on Road Closures and Conditions – click here.

Safety Resources

WorkSafe BC

Potential Hazards of Working in Confined Spaces on Poultry Farms – click here.
Risks of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) here.

AgSafe BC
Emergency Planning and Flooding Resources – click here.
Resources for Mental Wellness – click here

Recovery Resources

Risk Management

AJ Gill, Senior Manager, Ag Risk Management Resources  Direct Line: 250.469.6488   Toll Free 1.877.766.9735  aj.gill@mnp.ca

BC Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Fishers – AgriStability – click here.

Clean Up and Disposal

Disposal Correspondence for the Evacuation Zone Producers

Farm Costs & Labour Tracking Sheet

Other Resources

Chicken Farmers of Canada – Mental Health and Agriculture – click here.
Emergency Management BC  – Telephone Support from people who understand emergency and loss –
Call 1-888-686-3022 or email MRT@phsa.ca – For More information Click here