Programs for Registered BC Chicken Growers

All BC Chicken farmers must comply with federal and provincial industry standards for food safety, animal care and biosecurity.

Mandatory On Farm Programs

The Raised by a Canadian Farmer On Farm Food Safety and Animal Care programs and the BC Poultry Biosecurity Program.  These programs are designed to demonstrate and maintain the high level and standards of the Canadian chicken industry.

On Farm Food Safety

The Raised by a Canadian Farmer On Farm Food Safety Program has guidelines and requirements for restricting access to the birds and for protecting animal health.  The program is recognized by provincial and federal governments and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.
On-Farm Food Safety Assurance Program (OFFSAP) – 2014

Animal Care Program

The Raised by a Canadian Farmer Animal Care Program is a National program developed by Chicken Farmers of Canada.   Raising healthy birds in a humane way is very important to Canadian Chicken Farmers.  In BC, 100% of chicken farms are certified under this program.
Animal Care Program Manual_2018_EN

BC Poultry Biosecurity Program

The BC Poultry Biosecurity Program is an industry led initiative that encourages producers to follow biosecurity protocols that are based on scientifically sound principles that reduce the risk of disease introduction into a production unit, regardless of species.  The program was developed by the BC Poultry Association with the help of industry Veterinarians and the support of the BC Ministry of Agriculture and Lands.  The program recommendations have now become mandatory for all BC poultry producers; this includes broilers, layers, broiler breeders and turkeys.
2019 BC Biosecurity Reference Guide 2nd Edition

CFC Farmer Resource Portal

  • Videos, research articles, and links to a series of information providing detail on management tips on topics such as brooding, feed/water management, flock monitoring and barn environment.