Mandatory Programs for Registered BC Chicken Growers

All BC Chicken farmers must comply with federal and provincial industry standards for food safety, animal care and biosecurity.

Forms and Regulations


If you would like a permit to grow up to 2000 chickens per year, please fill out this application form and mail to the Board Office with your $20 Permit Fee. Check out Part 50 of the General Orders to get all the information you need on the regulations surrounding this permit.2016 Permit Application

Permit Placement and Slaughter Records If you have a permit to grow 2000 chickens per year, you must report your Placement and Slaughter information to the Board on the record form.


The BC Chicken Marketing Board, through the Natural Products Marketing (BC) Act, the Natural Products Marketing Act Regulations and the British Columbia Chicken Marketing Scheme, has the authority to regulate and monitor all activities related to the production and marketing of chicken within BC. All chicken producers in BC are subject to the General Orders, which are the rules and regulations that a producer must follow. These rules include items such as minimum barn requirements, production allotment, new entrant growers and new entrant processors. These regulations can be found in the BC Chicken Marketing Board General Orders.

Election Rules

The BC Chicken Marketing Board (BCCMB)  consists of:

  • The Chair appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council
  • Two members appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council
  • Two members who are registered growers elected by registered grower

Click here for the Rules & Procedures for Election of Members to the BCCMB 

Mandatory On Farm Programs

Through the General Orders, the BC Chicken Marketing Board has made three additional programs mandatory for all BC producers – Safe, Safer, Safest, Animal Care and the BC Poultry Biosecurity Program.

Safe, Safer, Safest

Safe, Safer, Safest is the standard for the food safety requirements for chicken production in Canada.  The program has been granted technical recognition by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency for promoting the production of safe food at the farm level and adhering to the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) principles.

Animal Care Program

The Animal Care Program is a National program developed by Chicken Farmers of Canada.   The Animal Care Program is auditable and designed to demonstrate and maintain the high level and standards of the Canadian chicken industry.  Raising healthy birds in a humane way is very important to Canadian Chicken Farmers.  In BC, 100% of chicken farms are certified under this program.

Animal Care Implementation Guide – 2009
Animal Care Manual – 2009
Flock-Specific Record Form – 2009
2015 ACP Requirements One-Pager with Brand-EN

BC Poultry Biosecurity Program

The BC Poultry Biosecurity Program is an industry led initiative that encourages producers to follow biosecurity protocols that are based on scientifically sound principles that reduce the risk of disease introduction into a production unit, regardless of species.  The program was developed by the BC Poultry Association with the help of industry Veterinarians and the support of the BC Ministry of Agriculture and Lands.  The program recommendations have now become mandatory for all BC poultry producers; this includes broilers, layers, broiler breeders and turkeys.

BC Poultry Biosecurity Manual
On Farm Food Safety Assurance Program Manual – 2014

Mandatory On Farm Programs

On Farm Food Safetey Assurance Program Manual – 2014
Principles of Responsible Antimicrobial Use – Version 1.0

Siting and Management of Poultry Barns

Chicken growers in BC are required to minimize the effects of their operations on their neighbours and follow local government requirements when the site and manage their poultry barns. For more information please see the BC Ministry of Agriculture’s Fact Sheet – Siting and Management of Poultry Barn