Poultry In Motion

Educational Mini Barn


With farms off limits to visitors due to biosecurity protocols, the BC Chicken Growers’ Association, in partnership with the BC Broiler Hatching Egg Producers’ Association, has developed Poultry in Motion™, a mobile mini barn, in an effort to increase public awareness and educate consumers. This fully equipped mini barn has been featured at fairs, schools and agriculture events around the province.

The trailer consists of three sections, showing two life stages of broilers, plus their parent stock – the breeders. Each section is set up as a very small scale poultry barn, showing you how poultry farming is done in BC. The pictures in the background are from farms in the Fraser Valley.


The first broiler stage is the chicks. These chicks are day old chicks from one of the local hatcheries. When chicks are placed in a barn, they are given extra feed in trays on the floor as well as the feed in the pans. Broiler farmers want to make sure that the chicks are able to access the feed right away. The water lines are also adjusted so that it is comfortable for the chicks to drink.


The second broiler stage is the market age broilers. These broilers are ready to be shipped. Notice how the water lines have been raised as the birds grow.


The third section of the trailer is the breeder hens. These birds produce the eggs that hatch into broiler chicks. The metal nest boxes are where the hens lay their eggs. These eggs are collected at least two times a day.



Poultry in Motion™ will be featured at the following locations:

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If you would like Poultry in Motion™ to come to your classroom or event, please contact Margret Duin at the BC Chicken Growers’ Association:

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