Chicken has become a staple in many Canadian diets and remains our No.1 meat choice. With such a wide range of nutritious and tasty dishes you can make, it’s easy to see why!! Chicken Farmers of Canada has a huge library of recipes for new meal ideas. 

Chicken Farmers of Canada recently completed some up to date research on the nutrient composition and comparisons of various cuts of organic and non-organic chicken. This is what we found out:

  1. All cuts of chicken are excellent sources of protein
  2. There are little meaningful differences in micronutrient content between organic and regular chicken, except the skin of organic chicken has a slightly lower fat content
  3. Chicken cooked with the skin removed after cooking has less fat content than if the skin is removed before cooking. It also has increased moisture and flavour
  4. The nutrient content of breast meat is only slightly different than dark. Dark meat contains higher amounts of zinc and Vitamin B12. Breast meat has more niacin and less fat.
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