The BC Chicken Marketing Board regulate and monitor all activities related to the production and marketing of chicken within BC. All chicken producers in BC are subject to the BCCMB GENERAL ORDERS Aug 26, 2011 which are the rules and regulations that a producer must follow. These rules include items such as minimum barn requirements, production allotment, new entrant growers and new entrant processors.

The BC Chicken Marketing Board is governed by the Natural Products Marketing (BC) Act, Natural Products Marketing Act Regulations and the British Columbia Chicken Marketing Scheme. The BC Farm Industry Review Board (FIRB) supervises all regulated marketing commodity boards and commissions in BC.

Election Rules

The BC Chicken Marketing Board (BCCMB)  consists of:

  • The Chair appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council
  • Two members appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council
  • Two members who are registered growers elected by registered grower

Click here for the Rules & Procedures for Election of Members to the BCCMB

Principle-Based Decision Making

By using a principle- based decision making approach, BCCMB strives to achieve effective governance of our industry. We often refer to six principles of principle-based decision making collectively under the acronym “SAFETI”:

Strategic – Identify key opportunities and systemic challenges, and plan for actions to effectively manage risks and take advantage of future opportunities.

Accountable – Maintain legitimacy and integrity through understanding and discharging responsibilities and reporting performance.

Fair – Ensure procedural fairness in processes and decision making.

Effective – A clearly defined outcome with appropriate processes and measures.

Transparent – Ensure that processes, practices, procedures & reporting on exercise of mandate are open, accessible and fully informed.

Inclusive – Ensure that appropriate interests, including the public interest, are included.

When making decisions, we complete a Schedule 15 to show our stakeholders how these principles were considered. For some recent Schedule 15’s, please see the BCCMB Reports section.

More information on principles-based regulation, visit the governance section of the BC Farm Industry Review Board’s web page here.

BC Chicken Marketing Board Policy Manual

I. Legal Authorities

II. Strategic Plan

III. Policies

IV. Board Organization

V. Finance (Controls and Procedures)

VI. Staff Organization & Data

BC FIRB Decisions, Orders and Appeals

Natural Products Marketing (BC) Act AND BC Chicken Marketing Board Interim Pricing Formula A-175 Prior Approval
2022 Mar 9 A-175 Pricing Supervisory Decision

Patton v BC Farm Industry Review Board
2021 02 22 Patton v BCFIRB and BCCMB Court of Appeal

K&M Farms vs. BCCMB
2019 May 17 K M Farms v BC Chicken Marketing Board regarding quota annualization 

Primary Poultry Processors Association of BC & BCCGA vs BCCMB
2019 May 16 Decision regarding BCCMB Pricing Formula 

FIRB’s Direction for all Quota
10-10-10 Rule – 10-10-10 rule directed by FIRB for specialty quota will be applied to all quotas to maintain equality and reciprocity.

Fraser Valley Duck and Goose Appeal
FIRB Decision
08 Aug 11 FVDG v CMB 07_19 Decision

BCCMB vs South Alder
South Alder Appeal Decision June 9, 2010
10 Jun 09 – South Alder decision

Kuszyk vs CMB
Incentive Quota Issuance
10 Dec 24 – Kuszyk vs CMB Decision

Washtock Vs CMB
FIRB Decision Feb 8, 2011
11 Feb 8 – Washtock vs CMB – Decision

Van Eck vs BCCMB Appeal
Decision March 27, 2012
12 Mar 27 – VanEck v BCCMB – Decision

A-111 Mainstream Pricing
Regarding Price Change
A-111 Pricing decision may 22 2012

Three Gates – Corrigendum Decision
12 Aug 27 – Corrigendum Decision

Three Gates – Summary Dismissal Application Decision
12 May 30 – Summary Dismissal Application Decision – Final

Spec Circumstances – Out of time decision
12 Jan-9 Spec Circumstances – Out of time decision

Whitta Farms et al vs BCCMB
13 Jun 7 Whitta et al v CMB Decision
13 Jun 14 Whitta et al v BCCMB Reasons

Rainbow Poultry et al v BCCMB
13 Dec 18 Rainbow et al v BCCMB Decision

Prior Approval Review of the Federal Provincial Agreement for Chicken Schedule “B” Operating Agreement Amendments
2016 Jun 30 Schedule B Operating Agreement Signatory Decision

Appealing a Board Decision to BCFIRB

Industry stakeholders have the right to appeal an order, decision or determination of the BC Chicken Marketing Board with the BC Farm Industry Review Board. You can find the procedures for filing an appeal in the Schedule 16. HOW TO FILE AN APPEAL