Agriculture More Than Ever

Date: November 30, 2018
Category: Consumer News

At the British Columbia Chicken Marketing Board, we strive to meet consumer expectations in animal care and food safety, while regulating the pricing and production of chicken. We fully support Agriculture More Than Ever and the resources and information it provides to consumers.

What is Agriculture More Than Ever?

Agriculture More Than Ever is an industry-focused cause that works to dispel myths and improve perceptions of the agricultural industry by creating a positive dialogue between local farmers and their consumers. They provide farmers and other agriculture industry partners with valuable resources to help them tell their own personal, positive stories about Canadian agriculture.

The objective of Agriculture More Than Ever is to help the agricultural industry reach its full potential by attracting people, investments, and consumer confidence. Agriculture More Than Ever aims to eliminate any misconceptions by providing a platform for people who live and work in the agricultural industry to share their true stories. Agriculture More Than Ever hopes to share the optimism of its agvocates in effective and engaging ways.

What it Means to be an Agvocate

Agvocates work to actively promote the positive side of agriculture by providing consumers stories of personal experience in the agricultural industry. Agvocates deliver their stories in a respectful and meaningful way. Any member of the agricultural industry can add their name to the agvocate list.

Meet a BC Chicken Farmer Agvocate Ravi Bathe

Ravie Bathe is one of many dedicated BC chicken farming agvocates.  He’s also a star in the BC Chicken Squad TM  parody movie trailer.  Learn more about his thoughts on agvocacy by checking out his profile.

Agvocate Profile: Ravi Bathe

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