BC FIRB Quota Assessment Tools Supervisory Review

Date: February 5, 2018

The BC Farm Industry Review Board (BC FIRB) has completed an objective evaluation of quota assessment tools including a general review and examination of its previous directions. 

The full decision can be accessed by clicking on the link below, but a brief synopsis of the key elements of the decision are:

Consistent with BC FIRB’s 2005 Specialty Review, the BC Chicken Marketing Board (BCCMB) is still required to:

  1. Bring in new entrants through our New Entrant Grower (NEG) program on a regular basis.
  2. Regularly review and update our NEG program to ensure it remains strategic and effective. 
  3. Continually support regional and specialty/niche development opportunities through our NEG program. 

BC FIRB has provided some flexibility to commodity boards’ administration of quota assessment tools including the removal of LIFO (Last in First out) provisions, provided that the boards:

  1. Apply 10/10/0 assessments on first transfer of any growth quota.
  2. Allow quota holders to refuse growth quota.
  3. Do not grant growth quota to quota holders who have transferred quota in the last year.
  4. Do not allow growers to defer their receipt of growth quota beyond the time frame specified by the Board. 

Please click here for BC FIRB’s full decision, including both the majority and dissenting member decisions.

The BC Chicken Marketing Board will be assessing BC FIRB’s direction, carefully evaluating if any quota management changes are needed to reflect sound marketing policy while serving the public interest. 

Further details will be circulated when they become available.  Prior to making any changes or final decisions, the BCCMB will be engaged in a full process of industry consultation.