BCFIRB To Sign Amended Fed/Prov Agreement for Chicken

Date: June 30, 2016
Category: Press Release

The BC Farm Industry Review Board (BCFIRB) has completed its review of the BC Chicken Marketing Board’s Jan. 15, 2016 request for approval to sign the amended Schedule “B” Operating Agreement of the Fed-Prov Agreement for Chicken.

The BCFIRB panel found that the proposed amendments to the agreement are strategic in the short term.  While not all outcomes are ideal, overall the amendments are in accordance with sound marketing policy.

The panel emphasized the importance of ongoing  reporting against industry supported performance measures to monitor the effects of the agreement over the next ten years, ensuring the industry is responsive to changing market needs. Additionally, the panel instructed the BCCMB and the Primary Poultry Processors Association of BC (PPPABC) to “constructively engage with each other and their western counterparts to evaluate options for changes to the Market Development Policy and other options identified by PPPABC.”

BC FIRB will sign the Operating Agreement in its current form after July 15, 2016.

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