Changes to BCCMB General Orders Jan. 3, 2019

Date: January 4, 2019
Category: Industry Update

The following amendments have been made to the BC Chicken Marketing Board’s General Orders: 

Part 24 Quota Allotment to Growers

FIRB has ordered amendments to the BCCMB General Orders respecting permanent increases in quota. The Board has complied with the addition of sections a, b, c to Section 24.5 Changes include the option to refuse or accept a quota increase, to not permit deferment of receipt of a quota increase, and ineligibility requirements to be clearly spelled out in the orders.

Schedule 4 Levies

The Board will increase the grower levy (for all classes of quota including Market Development) effective with the start of quota period A-155 (February 17, 2019) from 1.9 cents to 2.0 cents per kilogram live weight.

Please print the corrected pages and use them to replace the old pages.

The full complete set of  General Orders is always available on the Board’s website in the governance section.