Chicken Farmers of Canada’s AMU magazine is now available

Date: January 17, 2018

The first edition of CFC’s AMU magazine, AMU Strategy: A Prescription for Change, is available electronically as well as in print!

The magazine is a tool developed to support the implementation of CFC’s Responsible AMU Strategy which seeks to answer the public health threat of AMR, to maintain consumer confidence, and to provide our customers a sustainable means of meeting government and consumer expectations – while protecting animal health.

Chicken Farmers of Canada recently announced our antimicrobial use strategy, which eliminates the preventive use of Category II antimicrobials by the end of 2018, and sets a goal to eliminate the preventive use of Category III antibiotics by the end of 2020. This strategy builds on the industry’s elimination of the preventive use of Category I antibiotics in 2014.

The AMU strategy focusses on elimination of the preventative use of antibiotics of human importance, while maintaining antibiotics to treat disease.

The electronic version enables easy browsing from any device with quick access to embedded online resources.

Access a the digital copy here and discover a wide range of topics and perspectives from industry experts relating to AMU in chicken production, including:

  • Strategy details and timelines
  • The importance of working together and getting involved
  • Practical, expert advice on brooding management, managing gut health, cleaning waterlines, feed alternatives and vaccines
  • Plus much more!

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