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Canadian Supply Management

A Canadian Approach to Farming Dairy, Eggs and Poultry

Supply Management is a Canadian system that ensures that we who live in BC have access to chicken, turkey, eggs and dairy products from BC.  Consumers can depend on safe, local reliable food to feed their families.  Farmers receive a price that reflects the real cost of production.

Canadian supply management is an example of farmers working together to ensure they can keep producing through fluctuating times, always providing local food Canadian families rely on.

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Growing Broiler Chickens in BC

Supply Management delivers production that anticipates demand and plans production based on that demand.  Chicken is produced in BC is held to the exacting standards that British Columbians, all expect, value and trust.

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Changes to General Orders

The British Columbia Chicken Marketing Board have made an addition to Part 32 – On-Farm Food Safety Assurance Program (OFFSP) and Animal Care Program (ACP)

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