Board and Staff

Our five board members are responsible for the effective governance of the BC Chicken Marketing Board.  Our Board Chair and two members are non-chicken growers appointed by the Government of BC by Order in Council.   Two members are elected registered growers.

The Board consists of five members; three members, including the chair, are appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council and two members are elected by the growers.  The Board members are:

Kevin Klippenstein – Chair

Derek Janzen– Vice Chair

 Jim Collins– Member

Ray Nickel – Member

Carol Paulson – Member

Each Board Member serves on a variety of committees to represent the BC Chicken Industry at a provincial and national level. These committees vary greatly and cover a wide variety of topics from Finance to Food Safety and even Emergency Response.

Board Staff

The Board Staff is responsible for the day to day operations of the BC Chicken Marketing Board under the direction of the Board of Directors.  This includes completing the allocation every eight weeks, collecting grower levies, conducting On Farm Food Safety and Biosecurity Inspections, as well as keeping growers up to date on what’s new in the industry.

Woody Siemens – Executive Director

Christine Rickson – Executive Assistant

Vicki Crites – Director of Policy

Shawn Mallon – Manager of Administration

Guzel Gafurova  –  Accountant

Karlie Erickson – Production Coordinator

Kira Neu – Field Service Representative 

Dani Lane – Field Service Representative

Debora Ferreira – Administrative Assistant