Chicken Squad

Go on the farm and behind the scenes

Armstrong, BC

The Chicken Squad Intelligence film crew visits local farmers in Armstrong, BC.

Audition Day

BC chicken farmers gather at a barn in Aldergrove, BC, for the Chicken Squad auditions.

Action in the Barn

The first day of filming for the movie “Chicken Squad” begins in earnest with our farmers learning some action sequences needed to take down the bad guys in a sting operation.

Car Chase/Pool Fight

Filming gets intense with a car chase and freezing tackle into an outdoor pool.

Stunt Day

The action gets intense when professional stuntmen arrive on set the last day of filming for CHICKEN SQUAD to help transform our farmers into action heroes.

Movie Posters

Series of posters created for the Worldwide Premiere of CHICKEN SQUAD.

Kennedy Family Farm

Chicken Squad visited the Kennedy Family Farm in Tappen, BC to look inside a barn first-hand.

CSI Headquarters

A film crew arrives at Chicken Squad Intelligence to film the new CSI video series.