Meet BC Chicken Farmers

Get to know the families & farmers

That Make BC Chicken Products Possible!


Mark farms with his wife and four children. His favourite way to eat chicken is grilled on the barbecue, crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside.


Mike farms in BC with his wife. His two grown sons work outside of the farm. Slow roasted on the BBQ with Hy’s Seasoning salt is his preferred way to enjoy chicken.


Lance farms with his wife Carolyn, three boys, and two dogs. They named their farm Dime Acres because two “Nickel’s” make a dime!


Carolyn farms with her husband Lance, three boys, and two dogs. They are famous among friends for their roasted beer can chicken on the BBQ. The meat is juicy and the skin so crispy and flavourful.


Bram farms with his wife of more than 20 years, three daughters, two sons and one son-in-law. In addition to their chickens, a tribe of dogs, cats, sheep and rabbits keep them company. Bram’s favourite way to have chicken is rotisserie style on the barbecue on a nice warm summer day with the family to share it with.


David is a leader in both provincial and national agriculture organizations. He has served as Chair of Chicken Farmers of Canada since 2012. Dave was a Member of the BC Chicken Marketing Board from 2006-2012 and served as a Director of the BC Chicken Growers Association for several years before that. David started farming with his wife Jeannie in 1981 on a site right next door to the dairy farm where he grew up. They have four married children and they were proud to welcome their first granddaughter this year. When he’s not farming or attending meetings in Ottawa, you will find him travelling to faraway places such as Eastern Europe or Africa.


If you ask Fred what came first, the chicken or the egg, he’ll probably tell you it was a tie. It’s what happens when you’re involved on both sides of the poultry industry. In addition to his chicken farm, he and his wife, Andrea, also operate a layer farm as well. They’ve been running their own farming operation for more than 30 years. Their two children, now grown, attend local universities. Fred’s favourite chicken dish? That’s also a tie: roast chicken and anything done on the BBQ.


Farming is in Ken’s DNA. Four generations of his family have worked the land, raised animals and grown crops and produce on their farm. Ken has personally been involved on the poultry side for more than 40 years, starting out with ducks and geese then expanding to include Taiwan chicken (popular in Chinese cuisine), organic broilers, squab and turkeys.


Dale, Jody and their three children are part of a family-run poultry farm that also includes Dale’s two brothers and their families. When he’s not busy with the chickens, Dale can be found ATV-ing, snowboarding, fishing, hiking and other activities that involve his kids. His favourite chicken recipe is BBQ Lime Chicken (see recipe below).