Meet BC Chicken Farmers Bram

Meet Bram

Bram farms with his wife of more than 20 years, three daughters, two sons and one son-in-law. In addition to their chickens, a tribe of dogs, cats, sheep and rabbits keep them company. Bram’s favourite way to have chicken is rotisserie style on the barbecue on a nice warm summer day with the family to share it with.

What is your favourite thing about being a chicken farmer?

But being home, watching my kids grow up and being my own boss is the beauty of living on a farm. With two sons working on dairy farms and myself and my wife having worked in greenhouses we know how important it is to provide quality, healthy food. It’s important to do everything possible to provide the highest quality product possible. For us farming has always been a way of life, we love it and all its benefits. Family time being the greatest of those perks. God has blessed our family in more ways than we can count. Anytime my family can get together is the best time for me! That’s what I get up in the morning for, my family.

How did you get into chicken farming?

Before we moved to Canada my wife and I were heavily involved in the greenhouse industry. We love to work with things that grow. In Holland we had already begun researching chicken farming. The more we learned the more we thought we would like it. We visited Canada a few times before moving and when we arrived in B.C. we knew it was the place for us. We purchased a small property with a few older chicken barns on it and we’ve been chicken farming ever since. And to say the least we love it.

Describe a typical day for you on your farm.

A regular day for me starts pretty early in the morning. The first thing I usually do is head straight for the barn. I’ll do my first walk through of the day and make sure everything is all right.

This is usually also the time when I’ll make any computer adjustments if I need to, depending on the temperature and weather. Next I go back inside and make breakfast for my kids before they head off to school.

Once they’re gone I usually have plenty to do around the farm. After lunch I’ll do my second walk through and go back to whatever I was doing, whether that be gardening or washing my tractor or any other number of regular tasks.

My afternoons and evenings are usually filled with driving my kids around or picking them up and somewhere in there I like to sit around the dinner table with my family and hear about their day. Then before bed I do one more walk through and then it all starts over the next morning.

Describe your experience on set for the Chicken Squad campaign.

I had a lot of nerves in the beginning and wasn’t always sure what I was supposed to do, but the director walked me through everything and I had a lot of fun. Some of the days were really long, shooting over and over for only a few seconds of footage. But being someone who appreciates a good movie, I now have a lot more respect for all the people and time and effort that goes into making one.

What do you like to do outside of the farm?

When there is nobody else around I actually really enjoy going for a drive in my truck, or just setting up a lawn chair in the back yard and soaking up some sun. If I don’t have to leave the farm I usually won’t. It’s my own little piece of paradise and I love it.

We are a Christian family so church is important. My wife and daughters especially are involved in our church helping out with Sunday school and the nursery. My kids are active in sports, 4-H, and school sports of course.