Meet BC Chicken Farmers Ken

Meet Ken

Farming is in Ken’s DNA. Four generations of his family have worked the land, raised animals and grown crops and produce on their farm. Ken has personally been involved on the poultry side for more than 40 years, starting out with ducks and geese then expanding to include Taiwan chicken (popular in Chinese cuisine), organic broilers, squab and turkeys.

Can you tell me about your farming operation?

We’re really committed to quality, wholesomeness, safety and accountability when it comes to our chickens. We know more and more people are taking greater interest in their food. They want to know where it came from and who was involved in its production.

What’s your favourite thing about being a chicken farmer?

We’re really passionate about our poultry farming operations. Because we are a farm to plate operation, we get to see the development of the product through more than just the growing stage. There’s a lot of satisfaction in seeing our products through all the stages, from the very beginning to when it gets put out on the store shelves.

What’s your favourite chicken dish?

To choose a favourite chicken dish is almost impossible for me. There are so many ways it can be prepared. In any given month, we could serve it roasted, fried, BBQ’d, smoked, in a casserole or even in a pot of home-made chicken noodle soup!

Can you describe a typical day for you on your farm?

My typical day starts really early. There are barns to check and we have to ensure that the birds have abundant food and water and, most importantly, that they’re comfortable. We also have to coordinate processing and distribution.

Can you describe your experiences involved in the BC Chicken Marketing Board (BCCMB)?

It’s really given me an appreciation of the benefits of having a supply-managed system, both for producers and consumers. With supply management, all chicken farmers participate in mandatory animal care and food safety programs, which are regulated by the BCCMB.

What was it like being part of the Chicken Squad Intelligence video?

It was definitely challenging for me to have a speaking role in the video but it’s something that I took very seriously because I’m really dedicated to educating people about our products and dispelling myths about how chickens are raised. When you think about it, who better than a chicken farmer to be an ambassador for telling consumers about all the many excellent products we bring to their tables?