Meet BC Chicken Farmers Lance

Meet Lance

Lance farms with his wife Carolyn, three boys, and two dogs. They named their farm Dime Acres because two “Nickel’s” make a dime!

What is your favourite thing about being a chicken farmer?

We view chicken farming as a hobby; we enjoy spending time at the farm with the chickens.  Once you have the opportunity to build something and fill it with living things, there is a sense of accomplishment that you feel.  When you are taking care of any animal I think you enjoy watching them thrive and grow.  Walking through the barns everyday allows us to tune out the rest of the world out and slow things down.  Besides, if you walk too fast the chickens get scared and pile up on themselves.

How did you get into chicken farming?

My family were dairy farmers for their whole lives until my dad got sick with cancer and couldn’t take care of the dairy farm anymore. My mother still wanted to farm her acreage after the cows were sold.  After much deliberation, she decided to start with chicken farming because it is less labour intensive compared to dairy farming. We helped her do some research and got connected with the right people. She realized it would be a possibility, and she built her barn.  We now manage the farm together.

What do we like to do outside of the farm?

Carolyn and I are big campers. When we had one baby we would pack up the tent and all of the Tupperware bins and meet our friends at some beautiful lakes. It didn’t take long to realize that waking up with a river of rain running through our tent and tarps hung all over the place made us pretty miserable.  Since then we have a travel trailer that makes my life a lot easier. The kids bring their bikes. All they need is a shovel and a pail to make bike jumps and they can amuse themselves for hours.

We are pretty laid back and like to have people over for dinner and light a fire in the evening.  The kids think it’s adventurous to be outside when it’s dark and they will try to hide around the corner and scare us.