Getting Into Broiler Chicken Farming in BC

Are you interested in becoming a BC broiler chicken grower?  Chicken farming, like other farming businesses in BC, requires commitment, research, hard work and a financial investment.

We have compiled a list of valuable resources here:

  • Banks with agricultural lending specialists – such as Farm Credit Canada, Bank of Montreal, Scotiabank and RBC.

When you have done your research and are ready to make the time and financial investment into growing chicken, you have the option to grow for your own personal use, become a permit grower, participate in BCCMB’s New Entrant Grower Program or buy an existing farm and/or quota.

1. Personal Use

You may grow up to 200 chickens per year for your own personal use.

2. Permit Program

British Columbia residents can apply to grow up to 2,000 chickens per year for farm direct marketing. The permit administration fee is $20 and permit holders must report their placement and slaughter records.   For the application and reporting forms please visit the Permit Growers Forms page.  Note:  In BC, all meat offered for sale must be processed at a provincially or federally inspected and approved facility.

3. New Entrant Grower Program

  1. BCCMB retracts a portion of all quota transfers to fund the New Entrant Grower Program (NEGP).
  2. Quota is granted to new entrant growers based on market and regional needs.
  3. All new entrants to the chicken farming industry in BC will be:
    • Assigned to a mentor chicken farmer from the BC Chicken Growers Association.
    • Coached by auditors at the BC Chicken Marketing Board.
    • Required to take the Platinum Brooding Course.

***BCCMB is not currently accepting any new applications or conducting any draws for New Entrant Grower waiting lists in any region until further notice.***

4. Buying an Existing Farm

  1. This is known as a complete farm sale. When a quota holder wants to retire from chicken farming and sell his land, buildings and equipment used for raising chicken.
  2. A buyer makes an offer to purchase. The seller must apply to BCCMB to approve the transfer of quota registration.
  3. If you are interested in buying an existing broiler farm, contact a farm real estate agent.

5. Buy quota only And farm on a different site

  1. You can buy quota from an existing farmer.
  2. Like a complete farm sale, the seller must apply to BCCMB to approve the transfer.
  3. The site where you plan to grow your chicken must be inspected and approved by BCCMB.