Industry Resources

The BC Chicken Marketing Board works with a number of provincial and federal government and industry partners.  Find links to their webpages here.

Emergency Planning

Get Prepared –

Platinum Brooding

BC Chicken Marketing Board encourages all BC chicken farmers to take the Platinum Brooding course offered by Canadian Poultry Consultants.  In this course, farmers learn to record their critical poultry metrics through the Platinum Brooding Checklist.

PoultryPro Online Introduction to Poultry Farming

The Poultry Industry Council’s online training program.

Tools for Backyard, Specialty Bird or Other non-commercial Flocks

The BC Chicken Marketing Board supports the BC Poultry Association’s efforts to help poultry farmers of all sizes and types protect the health of their flocks.  Learn more here.

BC Poultry Services Guide

Our Service Providers Guide contains contact information for service providers to BC poultry industry.