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Changes to General Orders

The Board on November 10, 2016 voted to change the entry level of incentive quota on the New Entrant Grower Program from 11,189 kg to 20,000 kg per cycle for both existing and new mainstream NEG growers.  As a result of this change, the following sections of our general orders have been amended:

Part 1 Definitions:

  • Updated the definitions of a “new entrant grower” and “deemed new entrant grower (DNEG)”

Part 49 New Entrant Program for Growers:

  • Updated Section 49.9 & Section 49.10

Schedule 9 Methodology and Formula for funding Part 49:

  • Updated relevant sections

The relevant sections of our general orders have been mailed to all industry stakeholders and the complete revised general orders have been posted in the Governance section.