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Changes to General Orders Effective Period A-183 June 4, 2023

The BC Chicken Marketing Board will increase the grower levy (for all classes of quota including Market Development) effective with the start of quota period A-183 (June 4, 2023) from 2.02 cents to 2.04 cents per kilogram live weight. The reason for the increase is a result of CFC’s approved 3-year strategic plan (2023 – 2025) and their 2023 priorities, an increase in revenues is needed for short-term and long-term funding of CFC’s branding, promotional and research programs.

Please remove and discard the old pages and replace them with the new pages provided here: Schedule 4 levy increase A-183

A complete set of the General Orders is available on the Board’s website under About BCCMB – BCCMB Orders and Reports – General orders.