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Changes to General Orders

Elimination of the BC Poultry Bio-Security Program

Effective January 16, 2022 ( the commencement of quota period A-174), the BC Chicken Marketing Board will be eliminating the BC Poultry Bio-Security program from its General Orders.  Click here to view the complete set of amended and up to date General Orders on the Board’s website in the governance section.

If you prefer to maintain a printed copy, please print the revised pages , remove, and discard the old pages and replace them with the new pages.  Changes have been made to following sections:

  • Part 1, Definitions
  • Part 30, Chronically Underperforming Growers
  • Part 31, Disaster Flocks
  • Part 32, On Farm Food Safety Program (OFFSP), Animal Care Program (ACP)
  • Part 36, Transfer of Quota with Registered Premises
  • Part 42, Lease of Quota with Registered Premises
  • Part 46, Restrictions on Leases, Transfers, Sales and Relocations of Quota
  • Part 52, Failure of Comply, by removal of “BC Bio-Security Program” references.
  • Schedule 17 and Schedule 18 have been deleted.

The BC Poultry Bio-Security Program was an industry lead initiative arising from the 2004 Avian Influenza outbreak that encouraged producers to follow bio-security protocols based on scientifically sound principles that reduce the risk of disease introduction into a production unit, regardless of species.  The program was developed by the BC Poultry Assocation with the help of industry Veterinarians and the support of the BC Ministry of Agriculture and Lands.  The program recommendations were mandatory for all BC Poultry, including broilers, layers, broiler breeders and turkeys.  The BC Bio-Security program came into force in March 17, 2007 for chicken.  Individual commodity national food safety and animal care programs supersede the BC Poultry Bio-security Standards when necessary.

The BCCMB has undertaken a GAP analysis between the three programs (CFC OFFSP, CFC ACP, and BC Bio-security) with a view to eliminating duplication.  The BCCMB has reached the conclusion that the evolution of the CFC OFFSP and ACP programs has rendered the BC Bio-Security program obsolete for broiler chickens.  After consultation with the BCCGA, the Board had made the decision to no longer participate in or audit the BC Bio-Security Program as its standards and protocols are encompassed in the National Programs.  The scheduled withdrawal from the program will commence January 16, 2022 (the start of quota period A-174).  All growers must be certified for the year 2021.

Please note that the requirement for a “secure barrier” has been added in Part 1 Definitions and is mandatory, while sections from Schedule 18 have been incorporated into Part 52 – Failure to Comply.  The BCCMB Field Services Staff will continue to participate in assisting the BCPA review and develop its bio-security standards for other feather industries, and to ensure that there continues to be no gaps between the programs being used by the BCCMB due to changes reflected in the BC Bio-Security standards.

We have also amended references in the Orders to reflect the new name of the CFC Program to OFFSP (On Farm Food Safety Program) from OFFSAP (On Farm Food Safety Assurance Program).