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Help Protect your Flock from Avian Influenza

Whether you have a large, small or backyard flock, help protect them by:

  • Preventing any contact with wild birds and animals.
  • Regularly cleaning equipment, hands and footwear.
  • Reporting any signs of sickness to your poultry vet or CFIA.
  • Limiting exposure to visitors.
  • Keeping new birds separate for at least 30 days when entering your flock.

Avian influenza is not a food safety risk.

There is no evidence to suggest that the avian influenza virus can be transmitted to humans through the consumption of poultry and eggs.

If you are concerned your birds have avian influenza, follow the steps to  Report Avian Influenza.

For more information on avian influenza, check out:

Chicken Farmers of Canada

Canadian Food Inspection Agency

Curious how the biosecurity on your farm measures up?
Complete the BC Poultry Biosecurity Self Assessment Tool (MS Excel)