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Raised by a Canadian Farmer

At the British Columbia Chicken Marketing Board, there is nothing more important to us than providing consumers with complete transparency when it comes to Canadian raised chicken. That is why we support the Raised by a Canadian Farmer branding program that showcases the high standards that all Canadian chicken farmers must adhere to.

The Raised by a Canadian Farmer Branding Program

Raised by a Canadian Farmer is a branding program, established by the Chicken Farmers of Canada, to inform consumers of their dedication to providing families throughout the country with nutritious and healthy chicken. Through the use of this brand, consumers will be able to tell, right from the packaging, they are eating Canadian chicken, produced to meet the highest quality standards in nutrients, food safety, and animal care standards.

Raising Canadian Chickens

All Canadian chicken farmers must adhere to the strict guidelines for the proper care and handling of poultry. These guidelines ensure that all chickens raised in Canada are comfortable and healthy throughout their entire lifetime.


All Canadian chickens have a healthy diet of feed, consisting of corn, barley, wheat, and protein from soy or canola meal, as well as vitamins and mineral supplements. All chicken feed is hormone and steroid free. While the specific formula for chicken feed tends to vary from mill to mill, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency regulates the feed ingredients to enforce all guidelines.


All Canadian raised chickens have constant access to fresh, clean water through the use of a nipple drinking system. Before each new flock, chicken farmers clean and disinfest their water lines, as well as annually test the water supply to ensure that there is no presence of bacteria.

Living Conditions

Most poultry barns have computerized systems that control the temperature, keep the air fresh, and control the lighting systems. This computerized system helps ensure that the chickens are always comfortable, no matter the time of year. In the event that the power should go out or the barn temperature is incorrect, the system will inform the chicken farmer right away. All poultry barns are also thoroughly scrubbed from top to bottom between flocks in order to ensure that each new flock starts out in a clean environment.

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