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The Real Dirt on Farming

At the British Columbia Chicken Marketing Board, we strive to support a healthy, growing chicken industry, meeting consumer expectations for animal care and farm food safety. We fully support The Real Dirt on Farming and the information it provides to consumers about the intricacies of Canadian farming and food.

What is The Real Dirt on Farming?

The Real Dirt on Farming is a Canadian publication, designed to connect consumers with the food they eat and the farmers who produce that food. Through informing consumers about where food comes from and its production, as well as answering questions that they might have about farming in general, this publication helps families make informed decisions about the food they are eating on a regular basis. The level of transparency created by publications, such as this one, helps create trust and respect between consumers and Canadian farmers.

What Topics Does The Real Dirt on Farming Cover?

The Real Dirt on Farming works hard to provide information and basic facts to consumers on a wide range of topics, such as:

  • The difference between growing crops conventionally and organically
  • The use of pesticides on farms
  • Animal care and housing
  • Environmental sustainability
  • The different types of technology used in farming
  • The use of antibiotics and hormones
  • Food security, affordability, and the economics of farming
  • Information about the typical Canadian farmer
  • Protecting wildlife and endangered species
  • Anything else that readers indicate is important to them

If you would like a copy of The Real Dirt on Farming, or if you have any questions about chicken production in BC, please contact the British Columbia Chicken Marketing Board at 604-859-2868 or complete a contact form on our website. You can also follow us on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.