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Tools for backyard, specialty bird flocks and/or other non-commercial flocks

Over the past decade avian influenza has impacted several poultry farms of various sizes in BC.  To help minimize the threat, commercial producers under the supply managed system participate in a mandatory provincial biosecurity program and are audited every year.  Until now there has been no program for small farms, backyard flocks and/or specialty bird farms operating outside of the supply managed system.

The BC Poultry Association in consultation with both industry and non-industry producers has developed the Protect my Flock Self-Assessment Tool and Biosecurity Guide to help farmers of all sizes protect the health of their flocks and improve biosecurity measures.

About has been created to help get the Self-Assessment Tool and Guide into the hands of the poultry producers that need it. The goals are to:

1. Increase biosecurity awareness among small flock and specialty bird producers in BC
2. Facilitate producer identification of poultry biosecurity risks
3. Encourage implementation of enhanced biosecurity protocols by small flock and specialty bird producers in BC

I only have a small flock. Should I be concerned with biosecurity?
Avian influenza has had a significant impact to poultry producers both large and small across BC. Enhancing your farm’s biosecurity not only protects the health of your birds, but also your economic interests.

About the Tools
The Biosecurity Self Assessment Tool is an easy to use Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that allows farmers/backyard flock owners to anonymously review their own farm layout and practices and develop an action plan to ensure the safety of their flock, and that of surrounding flocks as well.

The Guide includes a range of tools to assist backyard chicken farmers in improving their biosecurity measures. Topics include farm access, flock health management, traffic, visitors, barn/koop layout, pest control and much more.

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