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Union Gospel Mission Capital Campaign for BC Poultry Farmers Kitchen

Since 2008, BC Poultry Farmers have supported UGM by graciously providing turkey and eggs for the meals we serve to the many men and women who come through our doors. In addition, over $700,000 has been raised through the annual Egg and Turkey Golf Tournament over the past 10 years for UGM programs. We are so grateful for the generous contributions and support BC Poultry Farmers have provided to UGM.

UGM has embarked on a Capital Campaign to build a new Women and Families Centre that will bridge a gap that is as urgent as it is life-changing for women and women with children that are struggling with addiction. The new seven-storey Women and Families Centre will replace the current facility on Cordova Street. This will be a place for women – and especially women with children – to heal, stabilize and build the solid footing to sustain long term recovery. The new Women and Families Centre will expand wrap-around services to better support women in two key stages of recovery:

  • The first 6-12 months are critical when women, and women, and women with babies, are immersed in the hard work of recovery by taking part in counselling and programs that enable them to grow stronger and build the courage for the next phase of their journey
  • The transition to supportive housing, enables single women and women with children to live for a longer period of time in housing that is a real home and provides access to child care – while they further hone their living skills, seek employment and find a permanent home..

The BC Poultry Farmers Kitchen will be an essential component of the new centre. Located on the 1st floor, across from the Chapel/multipurpose room, the commercial kitchen will provide meals for women and families that are supported by UGM’s wrap-around services and living in the new centre.

Daily meals will be prepared in the kitchen for all women in stabilization and recovery, snacks and meals for children and youth in the afterschool and youth programs, holiday meals, alumni brunches and special family meals. A total of 28,580 meals will be prepared and served per year which is a vital part in building community and supporting women in recovery.

We would like to invite you to join us in empowering women and recovering lives by making a contribution toward the $700,000 goal to make the kitchen a reality. With your generous support, the kitchen will have the capacity to prepare meals every day for single women and women with children in recovery. Thank you for your thoughtful consideration of this request and your caring support for those in need.

Your Fundraising Committee,

James Krahn, Bodo Goetzke & Alf Wall

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