Our Purpose, Vision and Strategic Plan

The BC Chicken Marketing Board regulates the pricing and production of BC chicken while meeting consumer expectations in animal care and on farm food safety.  We work with industry partners to maintain sustainability as we grow the market. 

Our Vision 

To lead a healthy, growing and profitable BC chicken industry. 

Our Values

With our industry partners, staff and the public in mind, we are: 

  • Fair – We take a balanced approach in executing our responsibilities.
  • Dependable – We can be counted on to do what we say we will do.
  • Accountable – We hold ourselves responsible for our decisions and actions.

We apply principles-based regulation through the use of guiding principles that have the acronym SAFETI

  • Strategic – identifying key opportunities and systemic challenges, and plan for actions to effectively manage risk and take advantage of future opportunities
  • Accountable – maintaining legitimacy and integrity through understanding and discharging responsibilities and reporting performance.
  • Fair – ensuring procedural fairness in processes and decision making
  • Effective – ensuring clearly defined outcomes with appropriate processes and measures
  • Transparent – ensuring that processes, practices, procedures, and reporting on how the mandate is exercised are open, accessible and fully informed.
  • Inclusive – ensuring that appropriate interests, including the public interest, are considered.

Read our 2023 Strategic Plan here.