Small Lot Permit Programs

British Columbia residents can apply to grow up to 2,000 chickens per year for farm direct marketing. The permit administration fee is $20 and permit holders must report their placement and slaughter records.

  • Note:  In BC, all meat offered for sale must be processed at a provincially or federally inspected and approved facility.

Permit Growers Requirements:

  1. Have a British Columbia Premise Identification.  All parcels of lands where animals are kept must be registered with the British Columbia Premises Identification (ID). Register your premise with the province of B.C. here.
  2. Complete a Permit Application. All permit growers (less than 2,000 birds/year) must apply for a permit from the British Columbia Chicken Marketing Board every year. Here is the link to the 2024 Small Lot Permit Application (Fillable PDF)
  3. Submit all your chicken placement and slaughter records to the B.C. Chicken Marketing Board. Here is the link to the Permit Placement & Slaughter Report.